Enjoy the convenience of a microwave

While it’s true that half a bag of popcorn is better than none at all, wouldn’t you rather have the whole thing? Replace your old microwave with a reliable new or refurbished unit from Appliance Solutions.

With our wide selection, you’ll find the size, power, and features you need to get the most out of your microwave cooking.

All brands available

When you have a specific brand in mind for your next microwave, you’re sure to find it on our showroom floor.  And don’t forget – we carry a range of reliable refurbished microwaves, so you might find your preferred make and model at a great price!

New and rebuilt / refurbished microwaves:

  • Over-the-oven
  • Countertop
  • Built-in
  • All brands

FREE microwave disposal – call 651-755-2584 today!

Looking to simplify your kitchen?  Let us dispose of your old, broken microwaves for FREE.  If it is still in good working order, our helpful staff will even be able to offer you a fair price for it!