Water Conditioning Units

Invest in your home!

Hard water will be a thing of the past when you have your brand new or refurbished water softener system delivered and installed!  With everything from cleaner dishes to more comfortable shaves, soft water is one of the best investments for your home!

Just stop by and speak to our helpful staff about the features and specifications of our available water softeners.

Looking to upgrade your system?

With a new or refurbished water softener from Appliance Solutions, not only will you get a reliable soft-water producing unit, but we’ll also haul away your old system at no extra cost!

New and rebuilt / refurbished water softeners:

  • Hybrid
  • High-efficiency
  • Extra-high-efficiency
  • Ultra-high-efficiency

Go green – call 651-755-2584 today!

With a new ultra-high-efficiency water softener, you’ll have clean, soft water without wasting a single kilowatt-second!  Our electricity-free units use an ion-exchange tank to create soft water without having to be plugged in!